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The University of Central Florida and its partners, including the City of Orlando and community organizations, will use a community-engaged approach to co-design an equity-centered, portable resilience hub and education center for underserved communities in Central Florida. Our Resilience, Education, and Advocacy Center for Hazard preparedness, or REACH hub will provide pre- and post-disaster necessities and connectivity and serve as hands-on STEM education centers during non-emergency times. We will put vulnerable communities in front of what we do by listening and incorporating community feedback to develop the technical specifications for the solar-powered, modular hub that can be scaled for other hurricane-prone communities.

Team Members:

  • Dr. Kelly Stevens, PI, UCF School of Public Administration
  • Dr. Zhihua Qu, Co-PI, UCF Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Yue "Gurt" Ge, Co-PI, UCF School of Public Administration
  • Dr. L. Trenton Marsh, Co-PI, UCF Department of Learning Sciences and Educational Research
  • Dr. Liqiang Wang, Co-PI, UCF Department of Computer Science
  • Michael Hess, Senior Personnel, PE, Director of Future Ready at the City of Orlando
  • Ian Lahiff, Senior Personnel, PE, Director of Energy and Carbon, U.S. Green Building Council
  • Dr. Kristopher Davis, Senior Personnel, UCF Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Christopher Emrich, Senior Personnel, UCF School of Public Administration
  • Dr. Maritza Concha, Senior Personnel, UCF School of Public Administration
  • Postdoctoral Scholars:
    • Herbert Longenecker, School of Public Administration
  • Students:
    • Philip Cruz, Graduate Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering
    • Yang Gao, Graduate Research Assistant, Computer Science
    • Chelcee Pangerl, Graduate Research Assistant, Public Affairs
    • Mohammad Newaz Sharif, Graduate Research Assistant, Public Administration
    • Alexandra Silio, Undergraduate Student Research Assistant, Environmental Studies
    • Sallyrose Savage, UCF Undergraduate Student in Public Administration - Graduated

Project Links:


5 Minute Informational Video (March 2023)

UCF HUB Project Video.mp4 from Reality Marketing Group on Vimeo.